Blogs We Follow

By Nilda Melissa Diaz

Every week, we’ve been providing our Stringrs with tips on how to improve their craft, knowledge on how to handle events, be prepared when handling authorities and we even launched a weekly How-To series to revisit the basic and gain new skills.  But we also keep up with some great blogs around the web.

Here are a just a few of the blogs that we follow at Stringr.

Vimeo Blog

Vimeo is one of the leading video sharing platforms in the world. With a decade under its belt, Vimeo has garnered an amazing following with many professionals using it as platform to unravel their creativity. Their blog is maintain by their own staff, addressing the needs of  marketing, video knowledge, and not unlike us, a Staff Pick.

Lights Film School

Lights Film School is part of the growing MOOC community. In addition to their educational efforts, they also keep a blog dedicated to various aspects of filming, from tutorials to screenwriting and directing, among many others. You can learn more about different aspects of filmmaking that can certainly translate to your work with Stringr, like their Behind the Scenes series, or just explore topics like their blog on Risk and Originality in Today’s Hollywood

Duy Linh Tu

A professor at Columbia Journalism School, Duy Linh Tu is all about videos. At the School,

His book, “Feature and Narrative Storytelling for Multimedia Journalists” covers video and audio production, topics also covered on his blog. You can expect expert knowledge in an easy to read narrative. Don’t miss his entry The Better Than Starter Video Kit

Old Man in Motion

A renowned photographer, Bob Krist has developed a love for video during the past decade. This is great news for all of us because we get to enjoy his passionate work through his blog Old Man in Motion. Take a pick of any entry, each more interesting than the other. At Stringr, we are fans of Three Easy Pieces, a must read.


We couldn’t finish this blog without recommending a blog on startups. 99u is dedicated to “empowering the creative world to make ideas happen.” It has been recognized by the Webby Award as the Best Cultural Blog 2011 & 2012.One of their most recent blogs is something we can all relate to The Most Intimate Relationship In Your Life: Your Smartphone.

And you can apply their advice to your life-and videos!-, particularly You’ve Got 5 Seconds to Get What You Really Want, based on the idea that we have to follow our impulses within 5 seconds. Check them out to learn more about the concept.

And remember to come back every Tuesday for our new blog!

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